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Boodle Fight at Isdaan Floating Resto-Fun Park

Have you ever been engaged in a Boodle Fight?

From my own experience during college day’s compulsory Citizens Military Training, a "boodle fight" is a military jargon referring to a mess banquet where all foods are piled into one big serving atop a lengthy table and every soldier, enlisted men and officer alike eat from the same pile with bare hands. This practice is a well established military tradition, a fraternal character of camaraderie, brotherhood and equality. The word "fight" means you grab and eat as much as you can before food runs out or otherwise go hungry because everyone else is gorging away. 

Compared with the military boodle fight, Isdaan Floating Resto-Fun Park guests can experience the boodle fight in a more refine and distinctive way. The banquet is served on a customized banana-leaf-laden dining table set among specific dining gazebos. The meal is dined either with bare hands or with spoon & fork.

Isdaan Resto-Fun Park in Gerona, Tarlac

While en-route back to Manila from our holiday break in Baguio City, my family decided to dine-out in Gerona,Tarlac’s celebrated Isdaan Floating Resto-Fun Park. Isdaan is a conceptualized theme park restaurant located at halfway point between Metro Manila and Baguio City and it has become a popular stopover for a lot of motorists.

Facade of Isdaan Resto-Fun Park in Gerona. Tarlac

Stilt performers, one of the many attractions in Isdaan Rest-Fun Park

The place’s lobby and boardwalk is decked with huge statues categorized in themed setting akin to political, super heroes, comic, Mayan and Aztec icons. While promenading, one will be captivated by the numerous huge figures of Disney characters, Marvel Super Heroes, mermaids, monkeys and notable political personalities. Enormous Hindu deities and Buddhist arts, huge fish statues with continually cascading waterfalls and vast lagoon swarming with colorful Kois adorned the entire vicinity. Live circus acts are also showcased nightly in one area beside the boating lagoon. With all those magnificent artworks and fine displays, one will be curious and tempted to explore with admiration the visual artistry of the place as well as contemplate and indulge with its distinguished gastronomic delicacy.

My family's up close & personal encounter

The Barrio Fiesta Pavilion

Feeding frenzy

My lovely grandchildren Beatriz, Dominique & JD beside their mom and our presidential host

My unico hijo JD and his sidekick, the Incredible Hulk

Not to be outclassed, Beatriz & Dominique with Snow White minus the 7 Dwarfs

With their new found feline friends

In one of the many huge iconic artistry

See, hear, speak & feel
I was only granted a few minutes for a photo-op with Barak & Michelle

Sweety and me in the Land of Smiles

Isdaan Floating Resto-Fun Park is also home to the famous Tacsiyapo Wall.  The wall is an outsized solid barrier purposely constructed for distraught individuals who wish to release his anger, annoyance, antagonism, resentment, rage, wrath, fury, temper, ire, displeasure, disappointment, frustration or whatever aggressive frenzy one may harbor within or against someone by frantically or violently hurling, smashing, throwing and pitching porcelain plates, cups, saucers, bottles, and even a television set! In spite of all these mean actions and outburst of violent rage; it does not come free because any item you may want to hurl against the wall costs a specific price. There is one exceptional rule to observe while hurling the wall, you need to scream or yell-out the word “TACSIYAPO” which vernacularly means “nakakainis” or in a more vindictive way literally means “buwisit”. 

Tacsiyapo Wall - the Great Wall of Anger

Unleash your anger by yelling out loud.....  TACSIYAPO!

The Boodle Fight is one house specialty that makes Isdaan Floating Resto-Fun Park in Gerona, Tarlac unique from other native grill houses in town. There are several boodle fight menu combinations to choose from depending on your preferred starters, soup, salad, dessert, main and side dishes. All food dishes are prepared fresh; food items as well as ingredients are indigenous acquired from the day’s catch and served hot, crispy, and steamy. So afford a bit of patience for your orders to be serve. Price range for choice boodle fight menu is reasonable; it normally starts at P2,100 which is good enough to satisfy 5 persons while serving proportions are quite generous. Your hearty meal will also be supplemented by the vigorous singing of the in-house folk singers which highlight their much applauded comical lyrics & hilarious rendition. Frankly, they deserve generous tip for their effort so don’t forget to set aside some loose change. My grandchildren enjoyed feeding the lively Kois teeming in the pond after receiving complimentary treats of candies, balloons and the fish feed packs. They even bragged and showed-off the face paintings they had free from resident Kids Kiosk artists.

Lumpiang Sariwa

Our main course, Crispy fried Pla-pla

Our main course, Crispy fried Pla-pla, Pancit Sotanghon, & Pork Adobong Tinuyo

Our mouth-watering appetizer, I just could not remember the name

Our dinner table set with banana leaves

One of the house's best seller, Sinuwam Na Tahong in butter

I call them the Tres Cantos De Comiqueros - a hilarious hit

Our hearty dinner in one of Isdaan's dining gazebo

Dominique & Beatriz with their face paintings

Dominique with JD appreciating their face paintings

Akin with the famous Singing Cooks & Waiters, Atbp. and Bakahan at Manukan flagship restaurants; Isdaan Floating Resto-Fun Park is the newest specialty brand of the Barrio Fiesta chain of restaurants. It is located along McArthur Highway, Barangay Salapungan, Gerona, Tarlac. They also have a branch in Calauan, Laguna. 

Summing up, our visit to Isdaan Floating Resto-Fun Park in Gerona, Tarlac is a fun-filled dining experience. We never had a dull moment especially with the photo-ops. The service is up-to-standard; we were so impressed with the staffs’ attentiveness. Food attributes still retain and live-up with the Barrio Fiesta tradition of genuine home cooking. The Boodle Fight dining concept is expressively unique for us and utterly challenging for my grandchildren who are somewhat alienated from eating bare hand. Cost is reasonable; you will not regret shelling-out some precious bucks. The place’s ambiance varies from lively, to surreal, and grandly rustic yet exceptionally impressive. 

This is one of the many reasons why I choose to spend vacation in the Philippines

Theme Dining. It’s more fun in the Philippines.

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