Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Boodle Fight at Isdaan Floating Resto-Fun Park

Have you ever been engaged in a Boodle Fight?

From my own experience during college day’s compulsory Citizens Military Training, a "boodle fight" is a military jargon referring to a mess banquet where all foods are piled into one big serving atop a lengthy table and every soldier, enlisted men and officer alike eat from the same pile with bare hands. This practice is a well established military tradition, a fraternal character of camaraderie, brotherhood and equality. The word "fight" means you grab and eat as much as you can before food runs out or otherwise go hungry because everyone else is gorging away. 

Compared with the military boodle fight, Isdaan Floating Resto-Fun Park guests can experience the boodle fight in a more refine and distinctive way. The banquet is served on a customized banana-leaf-laden dining table set among specific dining gazebos. The meal is dined either with bare hands or with spoon & fork.

Isdaan Resto-Fun Park in Gerona, Tarlac


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Tara Na!

Tara Na!

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