Saturday, November 9, 2013

Yolanda Was A Beast!

It’s been referred with several monikers yet none of them appealing mostly frightening. It’s a mega-typhoon, a monster storm, a super typhoon. It falls under Category 5, the highest Hurricane classification in the scale.

One best fitting depiction cited by a CNN broadcaster yesterday (November 8), was that “Yolanda was a beast.”

Yolanda (international name Haiyan) packed a wallop. International news agencies monitored its path and aftermath as though they were covering a military invasion of mammoth proportions.

Yolanda packed winds of such velocity and terror that no instrument had been devised to measure it. Existing meteorological instruments could measure only about 250 kilometers per hour. But Yolanda was estimated to be churning destructive winds of about 315 kilometer per hour that existing measuring device will break before it can record the speed.

As how to determine the gravity of damage Yolanda had caused, only the word “catastrophic” had repeatedly been mentioned to describe its aftermath.

Nothing like it had visited Earth. It was the mother of all typhoons and could possibly be the strongest typhoon in world history.

The Philippines appears on the verge of being engulfed by Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) in this composite image taken by the geostationary satellites of the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) and the European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) on November 7, 2013 at 9:00 p.m.

November 8, 2013
Fahud, Northern Oman

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Boodle Fight at Isdaan Floating Resto-Fun Park

Have you ever been engaged in a Boodle Fight?

From my own experience during college day’s compulsory Citizens Military Training, a "boodle fight" is a military jargon referring to a mess banquet where all foods are piled into one big serving atop a lengthy table and every soldier, enlisted men and officer alike eat from the same pile with bare hands. This practice is a well established military tradition, a fraternal character of camaraderie, brotherhood and equality. The word "fight" means you grab and eat as much as you can before food runs out or otherwise go hungry because everyone else is gorging away. 

Compared with the military boodle fight, Isdaan Floating Resto-Fun Park guests can experience the boodle fight in a more refine and distinctive way. The banquet is served on a customized banana-leaf-laden dining table set among specific dining gazebos. The meal is dined either with bare hands or with spoon & fork.

Isdaan Resto-Fun Park in Gerona, Tarlac

Monday, April 1, 2013

Discovering Bontoc, Mt. Province

Bontoc is the capital of Mountain Province, Philippines and the seat of the entire Cordillera Administartive Region since the foundation of authority in the Cordillera. Mountain Province sits on the Cordillera mountain range, which runs from north to south. It is bounded on the west by Ilocos Sur province, on the east by Isabela and Ifugao provinces, on the north by Kalinga- Apayao Province, and on the south by Ifugao and Benguet Provinces. Part of its western territory has been carved out to the jurisdiction of Ilocos Sur, and is drained by the Chico River.

Bontoc - the capital of Mt. Province, Philippines taken
from Nueva Viscaya-Ifugao-Mt. Province Highway

Bontoc is classified as a 3rd class municipality with local economy depending largely on agriculture, commerce and trades. It is a highland municipality and generally mountainous with the highest elevation of 2, 028 meters above sea level and the lowest with an elevation of 900 meters. It is a bowl like valley surrounded by mountain ranges. Tourism is one of Bontoc’s economic potential with its impressive square patchwork of terraces like the Bay-yo and Maligcong Rice Terraces. Kankanaey and Ilocano language are the main dialects spoken by the residents.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Mountain Sound of Native Village Inn

Wow! What an amazing place! Absolutely stunning!

These were the very words we impressively utter while marveling the magnificent view. My wife and I were so exhilarated and obviously captivated to the grandeur of the site we will call “home” for the subsequent days of our holiday.

Hapao Rice Terraces - one of the renowned rice terraces of the Philippines Cordillera.

Our overnight trip to Banaue, Ifugao from Sampaloc, Manila via Ohayami bus started at 10:00 p.m. on January 7, 2013. After exiting NLEX from Plaridel, Bulacan, we navigate the roads of Pan Philippine Highway (Asian Highway 26) passing through key municipalities of Bulacan, Nueva Ecija and outlying towns of Nueva Viscaya towards Ifugao Province. We made a brief stop-over in Aritao, Nueva Viscaya for gas, personal relief and some local treat. It was past midnight when we started negotiating the winding road of the Nueva Viscaya – Ifugao – Mt. Province Highway. We arrived in Banaue bus terminal at 7:30 a.m. January 8, 2013. Two welcome parties met us in the bus terminal and loaded our backpacks in their all-terrain jeep for our final transfer.


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