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The Magic of Candles

Lighting a candle is considered a form of sympathetic magic. Candles represent people, things, attributes, emotions, and influences. By lighting and manipulating the candles, whatever they represent is influenced.

A very simple form of candle magic is observe in faith and places of worship; when a petitioner lights a candle and asks for healing for a friend or relative. Praying to God, or Saints, to ask for the favor is part of the ritual.

In Memoriam

In Medieval practice, it is a custom to light a candle and place it where it would not be accidentally blown out. It was left there for 10 days before the Day of Atonement.

An old form of magical divination entailed a girl burning a candle outside the household of her betrothed. If the flame of the candle leaned toward the house, then her lover would be faithful. If, however, it leaned away from the building, he was unfaithful.

Symbol of colors in candle magic:

Red – courage, health, sexual love, strength, vigor

Pink – honor, love, morality

Orange – adaptability, attraction, encouragement, stimulation

Yellow – attraction, charm, confidence, persuasion, protection

White – purity, sincerity, truth

Yellow/green – anger, cowardice, discord, jealousy, sickness

Green – fertility, finance, healing, luck

Brown – hesitation, neutrality, uncertainty

Light blue – health, patience, tranquility, understanding

Dark blue – changeability, depression, impulsiveness

Violet – healing, patience, spirituality

Purple – ambition, business, progress, power, tension

Silver – cancellation, neutrality, stalemate

Black – confusion, discord, evil, loss

It is a tradition in the Philippines to light up candles in front of their homes during All Saints Day venerated every 1st of November. All Saints Day is a day of remembrance, a day to remember love ones that have passed away and pay respect to those that paved way for their families to grow. Mass and novenas are held in most Roman Catholic churches. Families would flock to the cemeteries where their love ones are laid to rest. They would offer and adorn the burial place with candles, flowers, pictures or anything that would remind them of their love ones.

All Saints day can be an emotional day for remembering the pains of losing a son, a daughter, a wife, or a husband. It is a day of reflection, reassuring the spirits of our loved ones that even in the afterlife; their memory will always stay with our hearts.

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