Saturday, September 1, 2012

Liliw: The Tsinelas Town of Laguna

If there is a region in the country that rivals Marikina City for being a footwear hub, it will be Liliw, Laguna.

Liliw is classified as a 4th class municipality in the province of Laguna, Philippines. It is 62.6 kilometers (38.9 miles) from my hometown, Pasig City. It is bordered on the northwest by Sta. Cruz; northeast by Magdalena; east by Majayjay, on the west by Nagcarlan; and south by Dolores, Quezon.

Aside from the sizeable footwear industry where neatly lined-up modest to contemporary stalls along Gat Tayaw Street is eye-catching, Liliw is equally famous for its cold water spring resorts and native homemade delicacies like uraro, ube, pastillas, buko pie, espasol, lambanog, kesong puti, and etc..

A giant slipper display in Gat Tayaw Plaza, Liliw town proper

Footwear stalls sell different designs of slippers, shoes, sandals and handbags that suit your individual style. They have assortment of footwear fit for any occasions. Prices range from as low as P40.00, or the pang-masa offer of “3 for P100.00″ to even the most expensive ones depending on style and material. You might have doubt or second thought about the design, quality and durability, Liliw footwear products conform with the cooperatives' mandated standard and can equal with the worlds’ celebrated signature collections.

Gat Tayaw Street lined with footwear stalls and commercial establishments

Along Gat Taway Street

Sweety in front of one fancy stall

The "3 for P100.00" bargain

The Gat Tayaw Plaza

Liliw celebrates its annual “Tsinelas Festival” every last week of April. The week-long celebration is highlighted by bargain sales, food fair and festive carnival. Another must-see attraction in Liliw is the St. John the Baptist Church. It is a Spanish-era colonial baroque-inspired architecture made from red bricks which gives its distinct character to the church.

The St. John the Baptist Church

Although Gat Tayaw Street is specifically short, narrow and frequently obstructed by plying traffic from vehicles and pedestrians, the little town center will always feature its quaint appeal yet with inexhaustible resources of bargains.

So next time, if you happen to pass-by Liliw on your way to the subsequently outlying towns or province; please spend some time to explore the modest town. It may be quaint and rustic in look but it has more to offer and discover.

A street sign along Gat Tayaw Street indicating the next town and province

Let us support the local industry by purchasing their footwear products.

Take my word, you will not regret purchasing and presenting it as a gift; my mother-in-law loved it.


TheJonDiesta said...

I visited this town three times. The slippers and sandals made from Liliw are affordable and has a very good quality. I also appreciate the stalls where people sell homemade sweets... The town is also the place for a Filipino marketplace scene as well with the natural resources here such as verdant forests and clear rivers. Liliw is such a simple but beautiful town.

White Dog Leader said...

Hi Jon, thank you for visiting and appreciating Liliw, Laguna. Please share the experience with your friends. Best regards.


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