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R & R Resort Spa: Relax & Rejuvenate

After our Ilocos Region tour, I was considering the idea of treating my family for another leisurely break for the weekend. Basically, it should not be far from Pasig City and does not necessarily be an exclusive get-away resort because there are several leisure resorts that claim to be exclusive, sophisticated although pricey yet t in reality it is nothing more than a vagrant site with miserable amenities and awful service. We opt for a modest but elegant reclusive place where the terms rest and recreation is substantiated.

I did find one resort just 41.0 kilometers drive from Pasig City. The resort is called R & R Resort Spa and Restaurant.

The entrance and facade of R & R Resort Spa

R & R Resort Spa and Restaurant is located in Km 55, Barangay Pansol, Calamba City, Laguna, Philippines. It is a 3,000 square meter hot-spring spa complex situated within the area where most of the hot-spring resorts are clustered. It is nestled at the foot of the dormant volcano, Mt. Makiling where unremitting therapeutic natural sulfuric hot springs streams vigorously.

R & R Resort is by and large a health spa complex. What I admire the most about this resort is their unique accommodation. They offer guests ten spacious, comfortable and economical family cottages and a four-room Apartelle unit for the more discerning ones.

Family Cottage

The private pool behind the open lanai

Each family cottage has a covered lanai and comes with a 16 square meter private pool equipped with hydrotherapy jets where one can enjoy the gentle water massage. Long creeping Yellow Bell vines, endemic in the area serve as trellis, crisscrossing above the private pool providing a cool canopy and shielding against the sunlight. Well manicured spot gardens and interleaved archways with various tropical plants like Heliconias abound the resort complex. The family cottage I rented is a spacious two story unit with loft which contentedly accommodated the nine members of my family. It has two toilet and bath with hot and cold showers. Since the family cottage is made of light materials and modeled in an oriental ambiance, you cannot help but sense the cool and refreshing indoor atmosphere.

We stayed in Champaca 3 family cottage and the overnight rate is P4, 700 ($111.00).

The private pool behind our cottage

Champaca 3 Family Cottage

One of the lovely spot and dish gardens

Pathway and interleaved archway

Creeping vines

A Heleconia plant

The swimming pool that dominates the intimate setting and beautiful lush landscape is even equipped with a half court basketball goal. The 250-square meter adult swimming pool of natural hot spring with hydrotherapy jets is connected with the 60-square meter, three feet deep kiddies’ pool. Picnic sheds and a Wet Bar is conveniently located near the pool.

R & R Resort Spa's main swimming pool

R & R Resort Spa also features a clubhouse and restaurant with conference facilities to cater for corporate groups.

The restaurant specializes in Southern Tagalog cuisine most notably the Sinigang na Kanduli (catfish in sour soup), Pritong Biya (fried Goby Fish), Longganisang Lucban (Lucban sausage) and their much heralded Salad of the House, the Pako Salad (fresh fern salad).

Do not be anxious about your money’s worth in terms of food quality and serving, I can assure you they live up to their claim as a truthful refuge for a worry-free R & R. Food quality is simply superb; “Lutong Bahay (Home-cooked style)” and at very decent prices. The serving is another fitting reason; it is very generous. We enjoyed the crispy fried Biya we ordered for breakfast. It was very crispy; saltiness is just ideal and comes with matching Sukang Sasa (vinegar) and Patis Labo (fish sauce).

The crispy fried Biya (Goby Fish)

Boneless "Daing Na Bangus" (Boneless Milkfish) for breakfast

Sukang Sasa (vinegar) and Patis Labo (fish sauce)

The service in general is swift and profound. The staffs are very courteous and friendly; among the best that stands-out are the Receptionist and our Cottage Attendants. Parking is not a problem because they have a long strip of flower-lined secured parking along their private service road.

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R & R Resort Spa is a practical nature-designed getaway conveniently located near Metro Manila. It is categorically a candid connoisseur for good food that is well managed by a team of dedicated, courteous, and friendly staffs ensuring you get only the best treat.

Undoubtedly, R & R Resort Spa is one of the best relaxing resorts for rest and recreation I have come across.

R & R Resort Spa and Restaurant
Km. 55, Dalisay St. PuroK 1, Pansol,
Calamba City, Laguna, Philippines

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