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Roadtrip to Ilocos: The Fun Continue In Saud Beach

Saud Beach is a 2-kilometer beach cove of pure sand bordered by the deep blue expanse of Bangui Bay and South China Sea. This picturesque beach is renowned for its crystal clear waters, fine white-cream sand and underwater sceneries of multi-colored corals and iridescent fish. It is an uncluttered beach with few commercial establishments and crowds that usually spoil the appeal of a quiet beach destination. It is a haven for swimmers, snorkeling enthusiasts, wind surfers, and fast becoming another surfers’ paradise in the Philippines.

Saud Beach on an early morning stroll

Panoramic view of Bangui beach lined with windmills

Unfolding crystal clear turquoise surf

On the second day of our holiday, December 27; we woke up early and made a leisurely walk along Saud Beach. It was a partially cloudy Tuesday morning yet the sun cast a bit of its radiant rays in the clouds. The surf was occasionally moderate to rough. The fluttering sound of waves incessantly cuddles the shores drawing stream of bubbling reverberation. There was only handful of people frequenting the beach. The distinctive sea breeze flawlessly rubbing against our skin was unruffled and stimulating.

Partially cloudy Tuesday morning, (December 27, 2011)

Surf was occasionally moderate

Fluttering waves cuddles the shore

From the horizon, we spotted several motorized outrigger canoes heading towards shores. They are the local diligent fishermen hauling-in their bounty catch. Several other canoes lined up the fisherman’s wharf while barrio folks mingled about busy haggling for portions of the day’s fresh catch.

Outrigger canoes heading for the shore after the day's catch

Canoes lined up the fisherman's wharf

The fisherman's wharf

Fresh catch of the day

While I was approaching the fisherman’s wharf, the archetypal barter sight was transformed from a faintly dappled perspective into a panorama of glorious spectacle as an effervescently-hued rainbow appeared from the horizon.

The panorama of glorious spectacle unfolded before my eyes

We spent the rest of the day frolicking in the beach. We played with the rolling surfs, inscribed bonding expressions in the sand, and constantly marvel while admiring the immaculate beauty of the beach cove. The kids spent time building sand mounds and burying their feet in the sands. There were hilarious moments when surprisingly they came across strange crustacean; all three of them hastily scampered in different direction completely terrified of the crawling crustacean.

Sweety & Beatriz frolicking at the beach

Sweety & Beatriz catching the waves

AJ with wife Olga, & JD strolling along Sweety, Beatriz & Dominique

Beatriz scribing her name...


JD, Dominique & Beatriz marveled on the rainbow

JD, Beatriz & Dominique

AJ, Olga & JD

Rocky portion of the beach with relaxing shade

Beatris & Sweety wading in the the shallow rocky portion

Sweety & Me

Evangeline Beach Resort afforded us the use of their classic lap pool located adjacent our cottage. The water was surprisingly cold. We were the only guest billeted on that day that is why we had the entire pool for our personal use.

The classic lap pool of EBR

Sweety & Beatriz enjoying the cool water of the lap pool

Dominique, Beatriz & Sweety at the pool side 

Before the day ended, we drove towards the "poblacion" (town) to purchase essential provisions in the local market. While en-route, we cannot help but admire the pastoral charm of Barangay Borayoc; a venerable landscape of lush greeneries and quiet country living. Wide acres of irrigated rice paddies are painstakingly sowed with rice seedlings as the dense woodlands and rolling hills of Cagayan Province complimented the view.

Rice paddies transplanted with rice seedlings

Back dropped by dense woodlands & rolling hills of Cagayan Province

The market place is not as big as a typical town market one could imagine, it is rather a modest “talipapa” (wet market) with only handful of people shopping. We easily sensed the vendor’s affirmation of our stranger identity.

Cheap and fresh produce, typical Diningdeng pack

The regulated price control board of sea foods in Pagudpud market

Dusk was setting-in when we arrived in our cottage.

It was another pleasing day.

Sunset at Saud Beach Cove, Burayoc Point, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

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