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The Origin of Pinagbuhatan

On January 20, 1572 the Augustinians, an order of Catholic educators who follow the Rule of St. Augustine, reached an ancient and isolated barrio (neighborhood) through the riverside. The group was led by an Augustine secular clergy named Padre Alonzo De Alvarado and Encomendero (Commissioner) Juan De La Isla. The inhabitants of the ancient barrio were so overwhelmed with the visitors that they congregated all day.

A mass was celebrated on the same date and it was recorded as the first ever mass celebrated in the ancient barrio. The similar date happened to be the feast day honoring Saint Sebastian which was later adopted by the townsfolk as their patron saint.

The isolated barrio became the first established parish and cabecera (head) by the Spaniards. It was called “San Sebastian De Pasig” or simply “Pasig”.

After settling for a year, Encomendero Juan De La Isla and the friars realized the ancient town was not an ideal place to build permanent structures for the church and state because it was occasionally ravaged by floods, due to its proximity to the river. They moved the town center to an adjacent barrio which does not get flooded during the rainy months. It became the site of present day Immaculate Conception Cathedral.

The old town center, the former site of the parish and cabecera became known as “Pinagbuhatan” - meaning the Origin.

The remnants of the first chapel became one of the parish’s visitas (church visit).

On May 6, 1990, after completion of a much bigger church; San Sebastian Church was inaugurated by no less than His Eminence Jaime Cardinal Sin, the Archbishop of Manila. San Sebastian Church later became a Parish of the Diocese of Pasig on that same year.


Old Edifice Of The Visita 

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