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The Black Sands of Lemery, Batangas

I was quite curious to one account by my neighbor on the existance of several beach resorts in Lemery, Batangas. It was my last week in Manila and pretty soon I will be flying back to resume my duty abroad. I decided to spend the remaining week out-of town and Lemery, Batangas was my next destination.

Lemery Countryside

The Winding Road

Fantasy World

Lemery, Batangas is 76.5 kilometers (47.32 miles) from Pasig City. It is a two-hour drive south of Metro Manila. It is home to the Fantasy World, a still-being-constructed theme park which served as location shooting for some TV shows. Lemery's coastline lies along Balayan Bay. It is noted for its black sand beach.


Typical Fishing Village Scene

Balayan Bay

Barangay Nonong Casto is were most commercial resorts of Lemery is located. We checked-in Leonor Beach Resort located right after the thoroughfare leading to several rows of commercial beach resorts.  

Villa Leonor

Villa Leonor Entrance

Picnic Huts
Picnic Shades


Beatriz Playing

Our Picnic Hut
The Swimming Pool
Pool Area

Kiddie Pool

The beach gradually slopes for a few meters and the water level is just shallow for kids to play without the risk of drowning. The beach's fine black sand is clean, Beatriz and Dominique enjoyed making mounds and burying their feet.

There were only few day-tour visitors during our stay so it was a very quiet and leisurely afternoon. We enjoyed walking along the coastline and came to watch local fishermen pulling their net towards the shore.

Local Fishermen Tending The Day's Catch

We had one unfortunate incident that dissapointed me a lot, our AUV got stuck in the soft sand while my son was maneuvering to park near our hut. Nobody from the resort ground staff bothered help us extricate our AUV from its entrapment. 

One ground attendant even blamed us for venturing into the soft sandy area. I countered his charge by telling that it could have been avoided had they only be "responsible" enough to put in place proper warning signage.

Our AUV Stuck In The Soft Sand

Digging Our Way Out

Anyways, having extensive experience in similar situations in the deserts of Arabia, I manage to dislodge our AUV in no time with the help of my sons.

We spend the rest of the afternoon lazing around our hut and finishing off the rest of our "chichirias".

Entire Cast

Entire Cast... Again

By The Shores of Balayan Bay

AJ & Olga

Yves, Looking For Dugong

Tagaytay Troposcatter Station

Attractive Plant Display Along Tagaytay

Dish and Garden Plants Display Along Tagaytay

Some useful reviews for guide and reference:
  1. Do not rely on the resort's website particularly about stated facts of the resort's information details and amenities. Research for timely reviews.
  2. If you're planning to visit Lemery, Batangas especially Barangay Nonong Casto for a day or overnight tour, consider scouting for a good resort first.
I will not consider Leonor Beach Resort as a good choice, the reasons are:
  • Comfort rooms are stinky and delapidated.
  • Shower area is dirty and shower heads are all rusted up. 
  • Most amenities are noticeably in run-down state.
  • Ground staff are inhospitable and unaccommodating.
  • No qualified lifeguard manning the pool and beach front.
  • No proper signage to alert guests of impending hazards.
  • Dogs stray the area.
  • Sorrounding and grounds are littered with dry fallen leaves, bottles and plastic bags.
  • Picnic huts are infested with red ants.

How do I rate this resort?  Below Standard

Will I recommend this resort to friends and associate?  No


Debbie said...

Try nyo rin sa iba pang resort. Eto sample Lemery Beach Resorts list . Meron pong bago

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thanks for sharing this beauty. more batangas destination here Batangas Resorts List
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