Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Fish Tale: Finding Dalag

Dalag (Mudfish)
Mudfish (Channa Species) or Dalag in Tagalog language is a freshwater perciform fish native to Asia and Africa. Dalag are elongated predatory fish distinguished by its long dorsal fin, large mouth with shiny teeth. They are excellent eating fish sold in public market. Both wild and farmed Dalag can be purchase live and will stay alive for many days.

In the United States especially the state of California, if you get caught with a live Dalag, you will be in legal trouble. Dalag known to local California residents as Snakehead (fish) has infested the Potomac and the Mississippi river. Snakeheads are voracious predators and have the tendency to consume almost anything in its path.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Origin of Pinagbuhatan

On January 20, 1572 the Augustinians, an order of Catholic educators who follow the Rule of St. Augustine, reached an ancient and isolated barrio (neighborhood) through the riverside. The group was led by an Augustine secular clergy named Padre Alonzo De Alvarado and Encomendero (Commissioner) Juan De La Isla. The inhabitants of the ancient barrio were so overwhelmed with the visitors that they congregated all day.

A mass was celebrated on the same date and it was recorded as the first ever mass celebrated in the ancient barrio. The similar date happened to be the feast day honoring Saint Sebastian which was later adopted by the townsfolk as their patron saint.

The isolated barrio became the first established parish and cabecera (head) by the Spaniards. It was called “San Sebastian De Pasig” or simply “Pasig”.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Black Sands of Lemery, Batangas

I was quite curious to one account by my neighbor on the existance of several beach resorts in Lemery, Batangas. It was my last week in Manila and pretty soon I will be flying back to resume my duty abroad. I decided to spend the remaining week out-of town and Lemery, Batangas was my next destination.

Lemery Countryside

The Winding Road

Fantasy World

Lemery, Batangas is 76.5 kilometers (47.32 miles) from Pasig City. It is a two-hour drive south of Metro Manila. It is home to the Fantasy World, a still-being-constructed theme park which served as location shooting for some TV shows. Lemery's coastline lies along Balayan Bay. It is noted for its black sand beach.


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