Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Leisure At Villa Excellance Beach Resort

During the third week of January 2011, I asked my wife if it is okay for her and the kids to prepare for an out-of-town day tour somewhere in Batangas or Cavite. I was considering a beach resort that will not be costly on the budget yet classy in amenities.

I started browsing the internet and came accross Villa Excellance Beach Resort located in Tanza, Cavite. Since their website provided factual details of resort amenities and facilities, I decided to set our day tour. 

Tanza, Cavite is 32.47 kilometres (20.18 miles) from Pasig City. It was formerly part of General Trias. The western part of Tanza is Manila Bay, the coastline is 10.2 kilometers marked by stretches of warm grey sandy beach.

Coastline of Tanza, Cavite

We travelled to Tanza via Manila - Cavite Expressway (Coastal Road) then took A. Soriano Highway. We passed by CEPZA (Cavite Export Processing Zone Authority) and continued south towards Naic. After one memorial park landmark, a side road on the right with a signboard marked the direction leading to Villa Excellance Beach Resort. 

Halfway to Villa Excellance Beach Resort, the newly opened Hardin Ng Postema garden resort will simply catch your attention. It seemed it is emerging as the next attraction. 

Picnic tables with shade lined the beach front of Villa Excellance. They have wide beach area to play and frolic around. The resort can accommodate huge number of guests. The ground layout and arrangement of picnic tables, huts and cabanas were appropriate. They have wide open and secured parking areas that can accommodate even tourist  buses.

Beachfront Picnic Tables

Beachfront lined with Picnic Tables

Long  and wide beachfront


The entrance fee for a day-tour is on a per head basis (P250.00) We rented a beachfront Cabana for P700.00. One good  advantage of renting a beachfront Cabana is I have the convenience of having my AUV parked right beside our Cabana. And it is quite distant from the more populous and noisy beach coast area.

My AUV parked beside the Beachfront Cabana

Beachfront Cabana

Beachfront Cabana with Popoy enjoying the view

Inside the Beachfront Cabana

The waters of Manila Bay was not convincing and invitingly clear, we decided to use the resort's swimming pool instead for a minimal fee of P50.00 (each). There were only handful of guests using the swimming pool which incidentally was very close to our Cabana.

The Swimming Pool Area

My Wife with Beatriz and Dominique

By the poolside

My son AJ doing a Greg Louganis dive

We had Sinigang na Baka, Rellenong Bangus, and Pork Menudo for lunch while for snack, my wife prepared her concoction of the mouth-watering Lugaw, complete with Goto and Tokwa and cooked right-on-the-spot using her ever handy rice cooker.

Sinigang Na Baka

Rellenong Bangus

Pork Menudo

Lugaw with Goto and Tokwa

We concluded our day-tour before 5:00 p.m. Along the way we passed by a fruit stand selling water melons at P100.00 for every 3 pieces. The water melons were sweet as it was very juicy.

Quite  a bargain...

Beatriz with her Mommy Olga


With My Wife

Entire Cast

 Here are some useful tips and reviews regarding the resort and their amenities:

  1. Toilets are delapidated and stinky.
  2. Shower areas are dirty and does not have proper fixtures.
  3. There are no appropriate clean and dry changing rooms.
  4. There are no lifeguard manning the beach front.
  5. They should enforce regulations on alcohol consumption. 
  6. They should improve their roadways.
  7. Quite noisy.
  1. They have open and secured parking lot.
  2. The grounds are kept tidy and clean. 
My overall assessment of the resort, services, and amenities - Needs improvement 

Will I recommend this resort to friends and associates? Yes, but with reservations


Anonymous said...

250 ba po ba tlga ung entrance fee? d na 50? O_O

White Dog Leader said...

Hi Anonymous, the entrance fee is still P50.00 per person. I only published the total cost of our fee for 5 adults. Anyways, children 5 years old and below is free. Swimming pool entrance fee is P50.00 as well. For the Cabanas, we rented it for P700.00 for the whole day-tour. Thank you for your comment, enjoy your summer fun and keep it safe.

vampybitme said...

Very interesting t0 c0me there , beaCh with p0ol it has.

Anonymous said...

Are they welcoming walk in guests?

Anonymous said...

As of now how much per head?

Ashley Madison said...

Pwede pubang mag camp sa coastline? Plano kasi ng boyfriend ko na bumili ng camping tent sa para if ever na pwedeng mag camp may tutulugan kami. kakaibang experience din kasi kapag naka tambay ka malapit sa beach e. Salamat po!

Unknown said...

Good Afternoon ,

I am Jennifer from Taguig City . Ask ko lang po if magkanu entrance fee ng adult and kids? Paano po kapag overynyt swimming ? My mga light po ba kayo and rooms? Thanks .. :)
You can contact me here 09076315504. Thanks !


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