Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mommy's B'day In Tagaytay City

We drove the early hours of Sunday, January 9, 2011 towards Tagaytay City to celebrate my wife's 46th birthday in any ideal resort. The weather was not quite good, there were rainshowers the night before and early morning. It became more persistent after exiting Sta. Rosa Tollway (SLEx) and while driving along Sta. Rosa - Tagaytay Road in Silang, Cavite.

Tagaytay City is 56.09 kilometers (34.85 miles) from Pasig City. It lies on top of the Tagaytay Ridge which is 640 meters (2,100 ft) above sea level, the highest point in Batangas. The ridge provides a spectacular view of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano.The city is a popular summer tourist destination because of its cool climate due to its high altitude.

View of Taal Lake from Tagaytay Ridge

Tagaytay Ridge On A Hazy Morning

We noticed the weather will no longer improve so we decided to just spend the day in Tagaytay Picnic Grove. Tagaytay Picnic Grove features huts line along the gentle slopes of Tagaytay Ridge. It is a prime location, providing the finest view of the lake and volcano. We secured a picnic hut with a vantage view of the lake and volcano. The place was teeming with excursionistas and ordinary Sunday-picnickers.

There are things you should be aware of when visiting this place:

There is no organize means for parking. They charge parking fees, you need to look for your own slot and park at your own risk.

The picnic huts, large and small alike bore defacement and vandalism. Senseless grafittis littered everypart of the hut, even ceilings were not spared.

The park toilet stinks and in bad condition.

The park management must address the maintenance issue since profits are gained and grossed from collected fees. There is a need to refurbish & upgrade the park's amenities.

Tagaytay City is a popular summer tourist destination and for that reason the park management must have "sentido common" to maintain a standard of class.

Taal Lake and Taal Volcano

Lush Vegetation Along The Slopes Of The Ridge

Picnic Hut

Yves started snapping pictures of the sceneries and views but he noted he will never get good results because it was starting to be foggy.

The Celebrant

AJ's Family in the Hanging Bridge of Nature Trail

Yves with Dominique

We brought for lunch Halabos na Sugpo and Alimasag, Inihaw na Talong, Grilled Chicken, Nilagang Baka, Ham Strips, Green Mangoes with Bagoong Alamang and I brought along my bottled Taba Ng Talangka for appetizer.

I started preparing for lunch since it was lunchtime. I unpacked all contents of our food chest and begun setting the table. I was almost done with my chore when I noticed one thing, where is the steamed rice (sinaing na kanin)?

It was only then I realized that I forgot to load our rice cooker!

Mommy was so upset I could sense she wanted to transform into the "Incredible Hulk"; pick me by the collar and toss me to Taal Lake.

I quickly made up for my blunder by purchasing 15-orders of plain rice in one park restaurant.

After our hearty meal (and thank God there was no untoward incident), we decided to pack-up and head home because the weather condition was deteriorating further.

Here are my family members who extended their greetings to Mommy Lyn:

Mr. Manager
Olga with Popoy
JD the Popoy

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